Colorado Hunter Numbers Dwindle Due to Increasing License Fees

colorado-elkColorado Parks and Wildlife officials are grappling with how to find new revenue streams amid budget cuts and millions of dollars worth of deferred maintenance stacking up at its dams and fisheries just in time for thousands of orange- and camouflage-clad hunters prepare to head to the woods next weekend for the start of big-game rifle season.

During a series of 18 “Funding the Future” meetings across the state this summer, wildlife managers explained the dire situation of a Colorado Wildlife budget that’s been slashed by $40 million since 2009 and yet still faces a budget shortfall of $15 million to $20 million by 2023.

Without a fee increase for in-state hunting and fishing licenses, CPW would lose access to thousands of acres it leases for hunting and fishing and wildlife conservation efforts would be compromised, wildlife managers say. How much of a fee increase Colorado hunters and anglers could see will be up to lawmakers next year, and though Fort Collins sportsmen have been supportive of an increase, they worry a steep hike could price out some hunters and turn off an already tuned-out younger generation that’s not interested in hunting.

“I understand the budgetary needs, but certainly hunter recruitment and retention should be an extremely high priority,” said Steve Hilde of Loveland, who is worried the sporting traditions passed down from generations may be in danger as fewer younger people take up hunting and fishing.

The number of licensed hunters in Colorado (281,201) last year was 23 percent fewer than the 1998 high of 362,927.

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Compounding the issue, Colorado’s hunting base is aging — average age of 55, according to CPW — with fewer younger hunters waiting in the wings. The National Shooting Sports Foundation says for every 100 Colorado hunters today, only 70 are expected to take their place in the next generation.

“We need to do a better job in general of getting kids outside and keep them away from the Xbox and sitting on their iPads all day,” said Hilde, who is a member of the three-person CPW sportsmen’s round table representing Northeast Colorado.

Joining him on the round table is 26-year-old Ryan Urie of Windsor who said hunting’s biggest obstacle to attracting a younger audience is overcoming a culture that views hunting as an archaic, violent form of recreation.

“It’s got to come with some kind of societal acceptance,” said Urie, a Colorado State University graduate. “It’s socially acceptable to sit on the couch all night drinking Mountain Dew and shooting each other up playing ‘Call of Duty,’ but it isn’t socially acceptable to get up at 4 in the morning to hike in the woods to match wits with an animal and put food on the table. I’m not 100 percent sure how to change that.”

Raising license prices just adds another barrier to attracting youngsters to hunting and fishing, said Urie, who supports an incremental fee increase, but not immediately tying license fees to the consumer price index, which would raise the elk tag price to $88 — nearly doubling today’s $49 price for Colorado residents.

Sixty-six percent of the wildlife agency’s revenue is fueled by those license sales, with out-of-state hunters doing the heavy lifting. The agency sold 67,800 elk permits to out-of-state hunters in the 2015 fiscal year, collecting $37.3 million. Colorado residents purchased 156,000 elk licenses, generating $6.4 million in revenue.

Colorado Hunting License Fees
ELK, COW $49 $469
Elk, Bull $49 $629
Deer $34 $379
Moose $254 $2,084
Pronghorn $34 $379
Bear $44 $354
SOURCE: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services

Hunters’ licenses and fees — including a required $10 Habitat Stamp — help the agency manage the state’s elks and deer populations. The animals, without an abundance of natural predators such as wolves or bears, become too abundant and susceptible to ailments such as chronic wasting disease, said CPW Wildlife Manager Ty Petersburg.

What frustrates many sportsmen about a potential hike in license fees is the fear they’ll have to shoulder an even greater load in funding Colorado’s wildlife management efforts, while other recreators, such as bird watchers and wildlife photographers, enjoy the animals without pitching in a nickel for a Habitat Stamp.

“That just rubs me wrong,” said Bill Tourte, who moved to Wellington from California five years ago.

Petersburg, at the “Funding the Future” meeting in Fort Collins in August, said enforcing new fees and passes for other recreators such as hikers and mountain bikers could prove too tough of a logistical task for CPW and Forest Service staff, however, the agency is taking any and all ideas. He and other wildlife officials will present a summary of the public feedback to CPW’s agency board in November.

Hilde urged sportsmen to keep the comments coming and continue the discussion before Colorado’s hunting and fishing access is taken away.

“We need to, as a community, get off our butts and figure out how we can participate,” he said.

Hunting’s decline in popularity 

Licensed hunters in Colorado 

2005: 309,801

2006: 318,971

2007: 312,151

2008: 306,179

2009: 306,179

2010: 294,186

2011: 294,186

2012: 288,086

2013: 286,363

2014: 280,302

2015: 281,201

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Ex-Colorado Fishing Guide, Encourages You To Visit Alaska

big-silver-with-jasons-guide-serviceEx-Colorado Fishing Guide, Jason Lesmeister, encourages folk to head north and try their luck at Alaska fishing. 

We were able to find this recent press release about Jason’s company:

COOPER LANDING, AK / Many consider the Kenai River in Alaska the “Gold Standard” for fly-fishing for rainbow trout and for sockeye and silver salmon. The 2016 salmon season opens in July, and Jason’s Guide Service is now taking early reservations. Owner and Guide, Jason Lesmeister, has over twenty years’ experience guiding Alaskan fishing trips and has spent more than ten years as a Kenai River fishing guide. Jason’s Guide Service can provide all the gear needed to catch some of the hardest-fighting and most delicious fish in Alaska. While many fish make the run up the river to spawn, it requires the skill of a knowledgeable guide to find the perfect spot to catch them and to teach the correct techniques for success.

The Kenai River flows through 82 miles of South Central Alaska, starting at Kenai Lake and running through the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge and Skilak Lake into Cook Inlet and the Pacific Ocean near the towns of Sodoltna and Kenai. The Kenai River has a well-established reputation among world-class fishermen for rainbow trout, sockeye salmon, silver salmon, Dolly Varden char and more.

Fishermen love to fish for Kenai River rainbow trout because they bite readily and put up an aggressive fight. They are known for their massive size and plentiful numbers. Red (sockeye) salmon, silver (coho) salmon and other species of salmon migrate up the Kenai River at certain periods during the season. Check current information with sources such as Jason’s Guide Service. Ice fishing on the frozen lakes of the Kenai Peninsula for rainbow trout, lake trout, and Dolly Varden is growing more popular each year, and there are not many serious fishing guides who work ice fishing. Jason’s Guide Service will provide everything needed for “hard water” fishing.

To Book your Guided Kenai River Fishing Trip, call Jason Lesmeister at (907) 351-3036.

For information about Jason’s Guide Service, go to


Jason’s Guide Service
Mile Marker 48
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BANK FISHING Trick to finding fish!!! Catch more fish from shore: catfish, bass, carp

BANK FISHING Trick to finding fish!!! Catch more fish from shore: catfish, bass, carp

These fishing tips will change how you catch fish from the bank. These hacks will help you locate and find fish whether they are bass, catfish or carp or any fish. Fishing from the shore can be awesome, if you know where to cast. If you want to learn how to catch bass, how to catch catfish, how to catch carp or how to catch fish from the bank this will help you catch more fish. These are great tips and tricks.

Here is my video on how to locate more catfish.

Here are my 6 favorite bank fishing hacks.

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Bank fishing for catfish – how to catch catfish from the bank

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Beach Fishing Tips

Beach Fishing Tips

Beach fishing is a great way to spend a few hours, especially on a nice day, Bretto explains a few basic tips to help you get the most from your time beach fishing.

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This Lure SLAYS Winter Bass!!! (Cold Water Fishing Tips)

This Lure SLAYS Winter Bass!!! (Cold Water Fishing Tips)

SLAYING bass on one of the BEST Winter baits!
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After having a successful fishing trip to the North East River the day before, I decided to return and hone my fishing skills with two KEY winter baits: the blade bait and the jig. Catching nothing on these baits yesterday was worrisome, considering they are two of the very best lures you can throw when it gets cold. After refining my technique and gear, I dialed into fish and absolutely SLAYED EM!!!

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Rod/Reel/Line/Lures used:

-BPS XPS Lazer Blade (3/8 ounce, chrome/black)

-Favorite Balance 7’3” ML/f spinning rod
-Shimano Ci4+ 2500
-Suffix 832 braid (15 lbs) (Affiliate)
-Seaguar Red Label fluorocarbon (12 lbs) (Affiliate)


Location: North East River in North East, Maryland
Date: December 6th, 2017
Primary Pattern: Yo-yoing a blade bait in 3-6 feet of water
Time Fished: 7:00 am – 11:00 am
Air Temp: Low of 40 degrees, high of 44 degrees
Water Temp: 48 degrees
Water Clarity: 15 – 20 inches
Conditions: Mostly cloudy with winds from the West up to 12 mph


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How to catch catfish in Summer – catfishing tips

How to catch catfish in Summer – catfishing tips

How to catch catfish in the Summer. Catfishing tips. fishing for catfish in the summer. How to catch catfish with shad. Catfishing for catfish with my son Nathan.

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How to catch catfish from the bank

8 best catfish baits

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Cold Water Bass Fishing Tips with Ben Milliken!

Cold Water Bass Fishing Tips with Ben Milliken!

Cold water fishing can be tough, so some key changes in the way you fish are necessary. Proper bait selection, retrieve, and location all change when the water temps drop below 50 degrees. But don’t take it from me, check out these tips from Ben Milliken!

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Bagley Shallow Balsa Shad:
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The biggest key to catching more bass in the cold is to SLOW DOWN. In cold water, the metabolism of fish slows and they become much less active. Work all of your baits like finesse jigs, tight wobbling crankbaits, and flukes, with a slow retrieve to draws strikes from lethargic bass.

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Amazing Boy Fishing | Free line Fishing By Smart Boy in Siem Reap – Fishing techniques

Amazing Boy Fishing | Free line Fishing By Smart Boy in Siem Reap – Fishing techniques

Amazing Boy Fishing – Free line Fishing is one of Cambodian fishing a long time ago.In Kampong Cham province,fish-men used seine net for catching fish in dry season.Because dry season there is not too much water and it is easy to catch the fish too.Sometimes people cut the trees down to make them dry and put dry trees in a small lake to keep the fish inside . When the fish come into that they used seine net to catch the fish.
In this video clips we used seine net to catch the fish using seine net covering some parts of a pond and trying to take off some outside until the water is clear ,we moved seine net step by step to combine the seine net to be smaller and smaller.After that we are catching the fish .
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Amazing Fishing:Digging a hole for fishing – Khmer traditional fishing

Amazing Fishing:Bamboo Fishing rod in the natural lake – Fishing Challenge

Amazing fishing trap:Cambodian fish bamboo trap – True life in Siem Reap

Amazing cast net:Cast Net Fishing in Siem Reap-Beautiful Girl Fishing


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#Amazing Fishing,#Fishing techniques,#Free line Fishing by smart boy in Siem Reap
Please watch: “Wow! Awesome free-lining fishing – The little boy used free-lining for fishing”


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Bream and Carp Fishing Tips | TAFishing

Bream and Carp Fishing Tips | TAFishing

Graeme goes Bream fishing and talks you the techniques and tactics that he uses to help him catch more fish during the day. On the side, Mike is Carp fishing with his friend Aaron using snowman rigs (boilie and a pop up on top). Check out more Carp fishing videos below:
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Kevin VanDam Spring Fishing Tips: The Crankbait

Kevin VanDam Spring Fishing Tips: The Crankbait

What’s the best way to fish a crankbait? Professional Bass Angler and four time Bassmaster Classic winner, Kevin VanDam, shows you how to fish one of his favorite spring lures.

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How To Make Best Carp Bait – Honey(98)DIY – Fishing Tips – Siêu Mồi Cá Chép Dễ làm

How To Make Best Carp Bait – Honey(98)DIY – Fishing Tips – Siêu Mồi Cá Chép Dễ làm

Super Carp Bait – Honey – Siêu Mồi Cá Chép Dễ Làm

Posted in Fishing Vids | Comments Off on How To Make Best Carp Bait – Honey(98)DIY – Fishing Tips – Siêu Mồi Cá Chép Dễ làm